Below is a non-exhaustive collection of sources that were used in, or are somehow related to, my study of the relationship between technology and social values. I don’t guarantee that I’ve organized these sources in the best way or even in a good way. They definitely aren’t in any kind of intelligent order, though I have tried (feebly) to group them by topic.

Inclusion of a source in the list below does not necessarily mean I endorse its viewpoint or vouch for its quality, only that I found its content relevant and worth sharing.

If you have a link to share, please leave it in a comment, preferably with a description!

The Amish


Complacency and design






  • Daytime running lights
  • GM Announces Plans to Recall Driverless Car by 2021 (from The Onion)
  • Driverless cars are accident-prone (“not their fault” – doesn’t that make you feel better about them?)
  • Anzeneering
  • The dangers of pushbutton start
  • M. Waldrop, “Flying the electric skies: Airbus’ A320 jetliner has sparked a hot debate over automation and safety: who really flies this airplane– the pilots or the computers?“, Science, vol. 244, no. 4912, pp. 1532-1534, 1989.
  • E. Wiener, “Reflections on human error: matters of life and death“, Proceedings of the Human Factors Society, vol. 33, no. 1, 1989.
  • B. Reyns, M. Burek, B. Henson and B. Fisher, “The unintended consequences of digital technology: exploring the relationship between sexting and cybervictimization“, Journal of Crime and Justice, vol. 36, no. 1, pp. 1-17, 2013.

Social interaction/rewired brains

Values (general/misc.)

Similar work/misc. further reading


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