Improving technology experiences with science, empathy, and the craft of good design.


About me. I love listening to people and learning what makes them tick, what they want to do, and how the technology they’ve got stands in their way. I can write, sketch, and even make movies about ideas for getting people past their technological hurdles. And things click when I’m working closely with engineers to build those ideas into reality. I’m a UX researcher and this is my dream job.

Bio. I was born abroad as an American citizen and moved to the US when I was 6 years old. I grew up embedded in a family of artists and musicians, and pursued film production in college along with a minor in African American Studies. Several years in the film industry taught me the importance of understanding end users, keeping data tightly organized, and forging valuable relationships. I switched careers when I realized it was someone’s job to design the human user interfaces of products, which meant an opportunity to directly and measurably make a positive impact on people’s lives and on our culture.

Monday is my favorite day of the week but outside of work I enjoy recording my own music and hobbling things together out of wood. I read and write a lot of different kinds of things. And as much as possible, I spend time outdoors with my wife and kids.