UXing professionally since 2013. I’m driven by a fascination with how people respond to technology, especially when technology changes.

About me. I love listening to people, learning about their work, and how technology helps them or stands in their way. I’m an experience researcher and this is my dream job.


Bio. I was born abroad as an American citizen and moved to the US when I was 6 years old, embedded in a family of artists and musicians. This gave me an innovative drive, a philosophical orientation, and an outsider’s perspective that I carried throughout my education and continue to cultivate in my work.

I decided to make UX my profession when I considered the impact technology has on every aspect of our lives and our society. I focused on research because I was drawn most of all to the psychological, empathic, and scientific aspects of the field.

Monday is my favorite day of the week but outside of work I enjoy recording my own music and hobbling things together out of wood. I read and write a lot of different kinds of things. And as much as possible, I spend time outdoors with my wife and kids.